Being pissed off at my broker

I’m not sharing the name of my broker as yet, but I will share this e-mail I sent to them.  The in-line edits are where I redacted the name.

I am preparing to change my [brokerage] e-mail address FOR THE THIRD TIME. Each e-mail address I provide to [your company] becomes overrun with stock-related spam (among other kinds, but that represents the majority). Since the e-mail address is only used for and shared with [your company], there is no question where the spammers are getting my addresses. Since the spam in question violates the federal CAN-SPAM laws, [you are] either criminally negligent in allowing my address to be compromised, or [are] aiding and abetting those engaging in federal crimes, or [are] intentionally hiring stock-related spammers in the hopes of drumming up additional business.

In any case, [your company] is criminally responsible for this violation of the law and invasion of my privacy. The act also constitutes a willful and knowing violation of [your] own privacy policy.

As this is the third time I have been forced to change my e-mail address because of the same problem, and this problem ONLY occurs with the e-mail address I provide to [you], there is ample documented proof to indicate [you are] party to illegal acts. The same evidence also clearly shows a wanton and continuing violation of the privacy policy [you claim] to uphold.

This is the only warning I am giving. Once I change my e-mail address — FOR THE THIRD TIME — any future spam received at that address will be used against you in a court of law at both the federal and state levels. Remember, my e-mail addresses are generated for specific purposes, so those addresses I’ve provided [you] have ONLY been provided to [you]. That means [your company] is SOLELY and WHOLLY responsible for their compromise and violation.

I expect immediate and decisive action on this issue. I expect the immediate cessation of this illegal act. I expect confirmation that this will not happen again.

Let’s see how they respond.  And the answer is yes, I’m in a somewhat pissy mood today and I don’t know why.

3 thoughts on “Being pissed off at my broker”

  1. Who knows… I was just in a very foul mood yesterday. Even if I had not been though, I still would have written that e-mail. It pisses me off to no end that my broker is acting illegally (whether via negligence or intentionally).

    Oh, and I sent this e-mail early yesterday morning and have yet to receive any kind of response. They’re going to force me to do some very ugly things if they don’t address this quickly.

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