Pro-Israel what-the-fuck-ever

I tire of it.  The pro-Israel bias in America has so blinded normally sensible people that it amazes they would even attempt to discuss the issue from behind a façade of intelligence.

Oh wait!  They can’t discuss it intelligently.  Everything is about how Israel is justified or the Arabs are wrong.  Uh-huh…

Blind is blind and bigotry is bigotry.  All I hear and see is that we should let Israel visit the dogs of war upon anyone they deem a target even if such action strengthens the enemy’s hand — as it has done in this case.  Let Israel lash out despite such action causing significantly more civilian deaths and hardship than impact on terrorists.

Let’s see: almost 800 killed in Lebanon; only a few dozen are Hezb’Allah.  Let’s be generous and say that 40 of those were Hezb’Allah.  That’s still 95% innocent civilians killed in directed military action.  Is that just?  Is that humane?

There you stand with your boo-hoo and whimper and whine that Israel must always be right or else.  Whatever.

No, that fails to communicate my point.


Why did America not attack Saudi Arabia or Egypt after 9/11?  Common sense and objectivity are two major reasons.  There is more to the story than the line of bullshit so many have been fed from day one as Americans: Israel is always right, and we must support her no matter what since we as Christians need a Jewish state before the Rapture can take place.  Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.  That’s THE ONLY REASON America has always blindly supported Israel, and that’s THE ONLY REASON so many clueless idiots still do.  That’s why America now stands completely alone in such support.

I am not against Israel.  I am not against a state defending itself.  I am for reason, for considering all of the facts and points of view, for erring on the side of caution, and for demonstrating restraint in matters which endanger innocents.  There is a right way to defeat terrorism and there is a wrong way to defeat terrorism.  This is the wrong way.  Period.

Yet here we are.  Americans stomp their little feet and cry their little eyes out for the horrors Israel must endure, yet Israel visited those same horrors on the Palestinians and British in order to become a nation.  Now, they’ve visited the same horrors on the Lebanese people who weren’t even involved in the fight.  What’s the fucking difference!?

The ends do not justify the means.  Cliché though it may be, it’s true.  I won’t deny the ends can justify the means, but exceptions are tempered with compassion and good judgment.  Israel has practiced neither in this mêlée.

I’ve had it with the bigotry in this country.  I’ve had it with the anti-Arab mentality that permeates every corner of this nation.  I’ve had it with the hate enacted in the name of Jesus Fucking Christ.  You know what?  Fuck Jesus and fuck all this pro-Israel bullshit from idiots and assholes who haven’t a clue.

Hate-filled, empty-headed, war-mongering lowlifes are evil whether they be called pro-Hezb’Allah or pro-Israel.  It’s all the same: animosity and stupidity.  The fact that people can’t see it proves my point.

And let me finish with this Jewish opinion that really summarizes the evil perpetrated by those who support the country regardless of what they do [via Sadly, No!]:

The Yesha Rabbinical Council announced in response to an IDF attack in Kfar Qanna that “according to Jewish law, during a time of battle and war, there is no such term as ‘innocents’…”

“All of the discussions on Christian morality are weakening the spirit of the army and the nation and are costing us in the blood of our soldiers and civilians,” the statement said.

What about the Lebanese civilians?  Oh, sorry.  You already said they’re as noteworthy as dirt.

For all you Christians out there, read the Old Testament to see how it tells you to kill the women and children of your enemies, to murder all men who oppose you (in order to conduct a genocidal interception of their lineage), and to rape and pillage those you deem not of your god.  It’s in there, I assure you, and that’s the mentality running rampant in the Middle East right now.  Don’t you fucking dare say the Arabs are bad for doing as much when this is what you’re supporting.

Sure, now tell me how you support Israel 100%…

2 thoughts on “Pro-Israel what-the-fuck-ever”

  1. Israel love to kill Arabs because they have been taught so since they were kids, Arabs is always the bad guy.
    Other people that’s not Israel is animal, don’t be surprised when they killed children, women, civillian.
    Israel has no intention to hunt down hizbullah, they just need to feed their hunger killing Arabs.
    Arabs consist of muslims and christians. They don’t make any different of religions. It’s Jewish or animals

  2. I know it may seem that way, especially from an Arab perspective, but I don’t think it’s as simple as pure hate and a desire to kill. Israel is trying to protect its citizens, an act of self-defense that, had it been carried out in a controlled and proportionate manner, would have been acceptable. In this case, the Israeli response was simply over the top. But, understand from their perspective what is at stake: they are surrounded by those they see as “enemies” because Israel has failed to deal amicably with the Palestinian issue (another problem caused by both sides of the debate). I think that can have negative effects on how they respond to aggression and how lost in the fog of war they can become.

    That said, there’s undoubtedly intolerance and bigotry and hate on the Israeli side just as there is on the Arab side. That’s human nature. Still, I have Israeli friends just as I have Arab friends, and I see and hear moderate voices from both sides that would like to see peace in the region, neighborly conduct between Israel and the Arab states around it, and a Palestinian state living in peace with Israel.

    Just as we can’t use Islamic terrorism as an indication that all Muslims are evil, hateful, destructive people who want nothing more than to kill and mutilate and destroy, we can’t label all Jewish/Israeli people as intolerant, hateful, and desirous of visiting death on anyone who isn’t Jewish/Israeli. Those are stereotypes that simply don’t apply and normally cause more harm than good. It’s always easier to lump everyone together as an enemy than it is to look past the hateful few to find the moderate, progressive, intelligent voices of reason — and those voices can be found in both the Arab and Israeli populations.

    Don’t let a few bad people taint your opinion of everyone. Doing so means those with evil intentions have won the battle for public opinion.

    Israel love to kill Arabs because they have been taught so since they were kids, Arabs is always the bad guy.

    That statement can easily be turned around to say: “Arabs love to kill Israelis because they have been taught so since they were kids; Israelis are always the bad guys.” The hate goes both ways in the Middle East, and that’s why it’s important to get beyond it — although that’s very difficult considering so much of it is taught to children when they are quite young and impressionable. That’s why, again, stereotypes are counterproductive. They hide the truth.

    All of that said, I still strongly believe Israel has made a tragic error with this campaign, mistakes that have empowered exactly these kinds of sentiments. I’m shocked and appalled they have taken it as far as they have. The results of their actions have empowered terrorism and endangered Israel. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to see that, and it’s making the world a far more dangerous place.

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