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Big kitty love.  Great photo.

“Though she’s only a 6-pound Chihuahua-rat terrier mix who looks like she belongs in Paris Hilton’s purse, Midge has the will, skill and nose of a 100-pound German shepherd. The newest recruit for the Geauga County Sheriff Department’s K-9 unit could very well be the nation’s smallest drug-sniffing pooch.”  As Jenny pointed out when she forwarded this to me, be sure to check out the photos.

Do you remember the first time you had wasabi (assuming you know what that is and have eaten it before)?  Did you eat too much and suffer the consequences?  GruntDoc tells us of his first experience, and it’s a hoot!

I and the Bird #29 has the best photography and blogging from the bird and birdwatching world.  Fly on over and check it out.

This is way cool!  “A newly spotted pair of planet-sized objects floating far away from any star has astronomers puzzling over how such a bizarre system could have formed. … [A]stronomers have spotted a seven-Jupiter mass object paired to another 14-Jupiter-mass companion. Instead of orbiting around a star, however, the two planetary mass objects, or ‘planemos,’ are circling each other.”  They’re neither stars nor planets and are out in the middle of nowhere.

The 40th Skeptics’ Circle is full of great critical thinking covering everything from pseudoscience to medical quackery to UFOs in ancient Egypt and a plethora of other topics far and wide.  Go get your doubt on.

More on the minimum wage disaster in Congress: “[Senate Majority Leader Bill] Frist also reiterated that the GOP will not split the minimum wage apart from the estate tax, and that future votes on the pay increase will be linked to cutting taxes on multimillion-dollar estates.”  Let’s clarify this.  If Paris Hilton can’t get a tax cut, the lowest paid workers in our country can’t have a raise after ten years at the same rate.  Those Republicans are geniuses, I tell you.

Be sure to visit Friday Ark #98 for a litany of animal photos.

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