He’s off to see the Wizard

And Jason said, “Get your ass in the carrier and let’s go to the vet.”

And lo, the mighty Vazra didst walk his self into the cat carrier; therein he stood for but a brief moment, and then the feline didst turn twice, dig briefly under the towel, and finally lay upon said towel and began grooming.

In the meanwhile, the Jason, upon observing this behavior, didst sit his self down next to the carrier entrance and spoke unto the Vazra beast that all would be well; upon which speaking didst Jason close the carrier door.  And with the closing of the door, the Vazra did neither rise from his prone position nor speak untowardly about this situation; he instead purred and looked upon the world from within with a look of contentment.

Then didst Jason give lift to the carrier, and didst follow the lifting by issuing forth safely the Vazra unto the esteemed House of the Veterinarians.  Unto the House didst they go, and both they went hitherto into the House.  Being pleased overmuch, Jason didst then give much information about the creature unto sacred attendants manning the Welcome Way of Veterinaria.

The Vazra, now uncertain as to his fait, bellowed overzealously from within the box of plastic and metal, and in this voice didst complain loudly yet intermittently.

Thereupon a counter-like surface didst Jason bequeath unto the House of the Veterinarians all responsibility to care for the Vazra; “Vaccinations he must needs,” Jason said, “and a bit of grooming hither and yon where didst the Vazra’s hair surely accumulate into unsightly and painful knots.”

“Aye,” the attendant responded in kind.

Then didst Jason continue, saying thusly, “And preparations for the killing of fleas and ticks be cast upon his self; whilst I nay have seen a single such monster around the Vazra, he doest live near the lake, and certain we must be of his cleanliness lest he sicken or suffer betwixt the parasites.”

And again: “Aye,” they did respond.

“And given the beast a name have I; Vazra he shall be called henceforth, and no other name shall he have save the one: Vazra,” Jason did declare, and so it is declared, so it shall be.

Then, and only then, didst the attendant beseech Jason for the gender of the Vazra; “Be he a he, or be she a she?” didst the attendant ask.

Jason’s brow didst furrow in dismay to be subjected to such inanity; despite this, he didst answer with, “I have not raised the creature’s garments to spy upon its genitalia, so I cannot tellya what lies hinder; if me best judgment betrayed me not, I assume the Vazra be a man; although, sorrowfully, I assure not that guess to be correct lest he rightly be a she; I know only what I think, and think only what the Vazra has demonstrated in personality.”

“Me thinks we will check,” the attendant responded, replete with knowing glance.  And upon the glance did the attendant then peer into the carrier in which the Vazra now rested.  “Medium hair, it is?”

“Aye, medium hair indeed, and a Persian at that.”

Upon the utterance of such, oohs and aahs fell upon Jason’s ears as more attendants didst join the fray encircling like predators to sneak a peek.  “Black?” they didst say.

And “Aye” Jason didst reply.  “Whilst held captive in Veterinaria, canst thou ensure the Vazra is safe to bring inside wherein the keep betrays four felines masters?”

“Aye,” again they responded, “and check we will for FIV and FeLV and ailments far and wide.  Doest thou intend to adopt this one?”

“Aye, I do, but only should such adoption not pose a threat to Those Who Rule The World; they tolerate not my shenanigans and wouldst kill me should I threaten their home,” said Jason.

“Aye,” from all around with bobbing heads in agreement.

Whereupon the attendant didst retrieve the Vazra, carrier and all, from upon the counter-like surface at the Welcome Way of Veterinaria, and off the two disappeared whilst Jason retrieved more food for the killers unto which he must return.

And now Jason waits, having given the attendant proper and right instructions to get messages to his ear.  What shall they say about the Vazra?  Will he have a new home, or must needs he return to the wilds whence he came?  Waiting is such sweet bitterness.

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