Where’d my chompers go?

The vet just called about Vazra.  The dental surgery went well.  They had to extract five (5) teeth.  Ouch!

He’ll be on antibiotics for 10 days.  There will be pain medication available to help him get over the initial discomfort.  I’ll also need to watch him to make sure he’s eating and drinking, and that on top of his introduction into a new home with four other cats.  This will be interesting.

He can come home after 4:00 this afternoon (about 20 minutes from now).  I’ll head up there shortly to pick him up.  Once he’s home, I’ll make him some space in the bathroom where he can rest and be unmolested by the others.  He’ll have food and water, a cat box, a scratching post, and a pallet made of blankets and sheets.  Until it’s time for bed, however, I’ll keep him relatively close to me to help him acclimate.  He’s never been inside except in the carrier when I caught him, so this is going to be a new experience for him.  I also expect a bit (shall I say a lot?) of showmanship and territorial violence from everyone.  We shall see…

2 thoughts on “Where’d my chompers go?”

  1. Good, just a quick comment, Pasha didn’t do well on the pain meds, so I only gave him one or two (when he had his last teeth extracted). I think they made him feel so woozy and unsure of himself, he was better without.
    You’ll be fine, you know your cats and Vazra knows you, it’ll go fine

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