Vazra’s debut

This is Vazra‘s film debut.  As far as I know, that is.

He has a desire to go back outside and occasionally stands in a window or at a door and meows while watching the goings on outside.  This video is just that kind of moment taken at the patio door in the bedroom.  It was captured today, only two days after he arrived home.  This is still a new and alien place for him.  Likewise, being inside all the time is undoubtedly strange and different, although I don’t know how long he was living outside before I captured and adopted him.  It was at least long enough for him to feel that that is the safest and most familiar place for him.  He’s lucky in that I know better, but he’s unlucky in that it will take time before he realizes it.

One thing you’ll notice when he turns to face the camera is that he no longer has any top canine teeth.  He was missing one when I met him (as mentioned in April and again in May); he had the other one removed because of its poor condition.  He’s missing quite a few teeth now, in fact, but at least that means the constant pain will go away and he’ll not be as sensitive to eating and drinking, not to mention any contact with his face.

Another trait to watch is his tail.  As long as he’s awake, his tail is constantly moving.  He’s quite expressive that way.  This isn’t the best example of it since it’s a very relaxed moment.  I’ll capture more as time goes on so you can see it’s the perfect example of perpetual motion as it’s always expressing something.

Finally, it’s now in question whether he’s a purebred Persian.  Even several vets and techs can’t figure it out.  He could be any number of Persian breeds, but he might also be any number of Himalayan breeds, not to mention several exotic domestic breeds.  Because his face isn’t quite as smashed in as one would expect — although that is not a definitive indication — and his hair is not long enough, there’s also the possibility that only one parent is purebred and the other is a general domestic (DSH or DMH).  Until he’s been inside long enough to stabilize his diet and environment, something that will cause his hair to grow back in its normal and expected condition, guessing is futile.  I’ll admit it may be futile even after he’s physically conditioned to normalcy since a mixed breed will be impossible to identify.

[again, the WMV file sucks; the video is washed out and the audio lacks any depth whatsoever; I tried both of the highest quality options and still got crap in response; the MOV file is much better, and it’s significantly smaller (by more than a third); Microsoft should be ashamed]

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  1. Going to be confused? Going? Too late!

    I didn’t exactly plan to have four black cats (one tuxedo, one black tabby, and two pure blacks). It just worked out that way.

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