We’ve had quite the productive morning

It’s been a busy day already here at the homestead.  Laundry is going in both the washer and dryer, the dishwasher is going, Loki had his morning dose of asthma medicine, Vazra had his morning dose of antibiotics, all of The Kids had a treat, the bathroom has been cleaned and returned to its normal state following Vazra’s temporary incarceration there earlier in the week, food has been put outside for the birds and squirrels, preliminary work on Vazra’s “The Kids” page is complete, several site application updates are downloaded and prepared for installation, web server OS and application upgrades are downloaded and prepared for installation, I’ve had my morning coffee, the mail has been retrieved, bills and other financial paperwork are sitting next to the laptop ready to be addressed, more than 500 spam e-mail messages have been deleted, about 300 spam comments have been deleted, a bit more investigation into Vazra’s breed yielded more solid evidence he’s a Persian, each of The Kids has enjoyed a lot of lovin’ and play, the bed has been stripped and related items placed into the laundry queue, and Vazra’s lady friend Larenti had her breakfast.

So what else is on the list?  Finish the laundry (one load of darks, one load of towels, and the sheets), go to the pet store to get treats and litter, clean the cat boxes, vacuum, unload the dishwasher, vacuum the bed and heat the pillows (both to get rid of dust mites), dust, sweep the patio, put down a fresh barrier of Sevin dust to stop the ants who assume the patio is for them, brush The Kids, pay bills and do general finances, catch up on the news, pick up Loki’s new prescriptions from the pharmacy, do some posting (including some new photos of Vazra), finish the preliminary incarnation of Vazra’s “The Kids” page, do some writing (not for the site), read, eat and drink and be merry, and spend more time with The Kids.

Some of these items were to be done yesterday, but we lost power during a thunderstorm and had to postpone a lot of activities because it was out for several hours and not restored until evening.  We desperately needed the rain, so you’ll get no complaints about the power loss.

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