John Mark Karr and JonBenet Ramsey

I’m sorry, but the confession by John Mark Karr that he killed JonBenet Ramsey has raised far more questions than it has answered.  His version of events don’t match what we already know.  There is no proof he even knew the girl or family.  Evidence indicates he was across the country and not in Colorado at the time of the murder (this includes statements from his wife who says he was with her and family in Alabama for the holidays).  He claims to have picked her up from school the day he killed her, but school was out at that time for the holiday break.  He demonstrates and is known to have a tremendous obsession with young children, and this speaks more to wanting to be associated with JonBenet than it does to his involvement with her murder.  He said her death was accidental, but her mouth was duct taped, and she was savagely beaten and garroted so viciously that the weapon embedded in her neck — not exactly an “accidental” way to kill someone.  He also claims to have sexually assaulted and drugged the girl, again not the kind of accidental activities one is apt to engage in under the circumstances, especially when the autopsy showed no drugs or alcohol in her system at the time of death.  The Ramsey family claims they do not know Karr, yet the ransom note left in the house asked for $118,000, an amount exactly equal to John Ramsey’s bonus.  Karr has been unable to explain how he got into the Ramsey house.  He also claims, according to his father, that he was arrested in 2001 in connection with the Ramsey murder, yet that would be years before authorities began looking at him (and this demonstrates the obsession with the little girl’s death which I previously mentioned).

Again, his confession and the details we already know seem only to raise more doubt and questions.

It will be interesting to see how this works out.  He did flee the country years ago when facing child pornography charges, so there is at least that level of justice that might be done.  It’s also unusual for this kind of extradition to take place if authorities did not believe he was at least guilty of something, although it’s also likely they are moving to ensure he does not flee again before they are certain as to his involvement in the case.

For now, speculation is meaningless since what we know indicates he’s not the killer, and yet we have this flurry of activity surrounding his confession and possible involvement.

What an odd little man.  Even if he didn’t kill her, he’s a nut with serious mental problems and should be locked away for the safety of everyone else.  Especially children.

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