Kako was involved in a rollover

Kako was having an eargasm in the living room when I grabbed the camera.  As is always the case, she promptly stopped what she was doing and considered other options.  She finally resolved to get up and move on; it took one rollover before she felt it was appropriate to stand.  Odd little woman, that cat.  Maybe she wanted to be certain she got up on the right side of the bed — or floor, in this case.

[the video is 16 seconds long and 812 KB in size; click on the photo for the WMV version; sorry, poppets, but I found almost three dozen videos that are only in Windows Media format; they come from a collection I put together for Derek shortly before he died, and I have no way to know where the originals are; I have them, mind you, but identifying them out of the hundreds I consolidated for that CD would be more effort than I’m willing to give; instead, I’m pulling them from the original collection I made for him and will post them in that format only; get over it]

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