I’m still full of sushi

Tuesday is normally sushi night.  At least it is for Rick and me.  We have a longstanding ritual of going to one of a few acceptable Japanese restaurants for an evening of good food, good drink, and good company.  Last night was no different.

Although Jenny, David, and Libby were unable to make it this time, both Nathalie and Mark joined us.  We met at Teppo, a sushi joint on Greenville Avenue, and gorged ourselves on tasty treats and adult beverages, and not a little fantastic conversation between friends.

Plates rotated constantly as we dined on yakitori, sushi, rolls, edamame, sashimi, and fish collar, all the while washing it down with sake, water, wine, and Sapporo.  It goes without saying we had a delightfully pleasant evening.

When I awoke this morning just before six, my tummy still felt overstuffed.  Did I mention we gorged?

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