Washout Lane :: Catch as catch can

How out of date does this seem?  My opinion?  A lot.  I was pondering the enigma that was Vazra—that is, the Vazra from a long time ago.  I was contemplating precisely how one might go about catching him considering…

Well, anyway, here’s the draft.  If you have a sense of temporal placement with regards to my blog posts, you can probably affix a date to this oldie with very little problem.

Getting my hands on Vazra has evolved into quite the fiasco.  He’s distrustful of the carrier — an intriguing oddity.  In addition, he has a personality quirk whereby he becomes somewhat belligerent and distrustful after he eats or drinks.  I believe this might be associated with the missing canine tooth and overall dental health (i.e., perhaps his mouth is sensitive and he experiences discomfort after eating or drinking).  That is just a guess, mind you.  Nevertheless, and due to my own lack of experience with him, it is difficult to attempt any capture when food or water is involved.

By the way, that happens to be all the time.

Otherwise, he’s generally a very sweet cat who is extremely affectionate and talkative, not to mention trusting after just a few days of getting to know me (e.g., it wasn’t long before he began rolling over for me and exposing his belly, a significant sign of trust for cats).  He doesn’t get violent when I accidentally rub in the wrong direction any of the plethora of knots in his fur.  His harshest reactions to date are no more violent than the love bites he gives me from time to time.

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