Pardon me

Perdóneme, por favor.

The lack of activity today is because I got tied up rather early with significant inspiration for the short story I’m working on.  I hope to offer the first part of it either later this evening or tomorrow.  Then again, it could be next year if I don’t get back to it and find some comfort in what I’ve put together thus far.

One thing I will offer here now is this: You, my faithful readers in blog-heaven, will be offered the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what I intend to be the foundation for much of my fiction to come.  The setting, a made-up town, will ultimately house a great deal of what I will write in the future, and that includes the vast majority of what I hope to publish.

“Write what you know…”

Those are the words so often thrown at aspiring authors.  It’s for a reason.  In fact, it’s for a very important reason.  Lack of understanding is readily evident to the most casual reader, and certainly it’s blatantly obvious to those who regularly indulge in written works.

For that reason alone, I am utilizing this story to help me create a world wherein I have absolute authority to generate wondrous and horrible events that will not assault your suspension of disbelief.  Details and environment you see here will be utilized for a great deal of my imagination as I move forward.  That is the selfish part of this endeavor.  It allows me to create—sans disassociation—my own genuine realism to be carried forward and expanded, a place much like Stephen King’s Castle Rock, Maine, capable of supporting whatever imaginative explosion my mind can generate.

So, I will refrain from additional ramblings and return to the text now taking shape both in my mind and in digital form.  In the meantime, enjoy yourselves.

By the way, I’ve decided on a title for this little online excursion.

You’ll soon be engulfed, I hope, by “Darkness Comes to Kingswell”…

Oh, and yes, my new little Texas town, Kingswell, is a clear nod to my homeboy Stephen King.

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