I almost stepped on you

It would not have been pretty, but I nearly crushed a tiny Mediterranean gecko (a.k.a. house gecko; Hemidactylus turcicus) the other morning.  It was just outside the door when I stepped through it.  Had I not absently looked down just as I stepped outside, I probably wouldn’t have seen the little critter.  More disturbing is that I probably would have stepped on it since I tend to roam around the patio when there’s nothing to look at, and the small lizard was in a very bad position that put it directly in my path.  It would have been a very unlucky encounter I wouldn’t have known about until I was forced later to clean its remains off the bottom of my shoe and possibly the carpet.  Thankfully, I saw it before that happened.

A Mediterranean gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) on the patio (152_5278)

I’ve seen these geckos around here quite often.  They’re nocturnal, so I’ve not had an opportunity to take photos of them in decent light.  I usually see them crawling on the walls when I’m outside after dusk.  From time to time, I even see them hanging upside-down on the ceiling of the patio if I happen to look up at the right moment.

A Mediterranean gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) on the patio (152_5281)

As you can see, they’re colored just right to blend in when it’s dark.  Their coloring makes them rather difficult to see.  I’m sure I miss them more often than not if they don’t happen to move (which catches my attention) or if I don’t look at them directly.  It’s the latter that’s more common since they almost always freeze where they are when I walk out there.

A Mediterranean gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) on the patio (152_5290)

This one was so small and blended in so well with the color of the concrete—especially in the dim predawn light—that he was very hard to photograph.  If I used the flash, it washed the color out just enough to make him look like the cement floor.  If I didn’t use the flash, it was too dark to see it.

If you look closely at his tail (just about in the middle), you can see where it’s been torn off before and has regenerated.  Don’t we all wish we had that ability…

By the way, eventually I picked it up to try and get a better photo.  It didn’t work well since the flash brightened my skin color too much and made it difficult to see it, and without the flash, it was just too dark to get much detail.  Nonetheless, one of those photos came out well enough to give you an idea as to its size.  Did I already mention it was tiny?

A small Mediterranean gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) in my hand (153_5308)

9 thoughts on “I almost stepped on you”

  1. found your photo after googling mediterranean gecko, as I found one of these – at work – a little over a week ago. I work in a printing platemaking plant in TN. Apparently, he made it in via packaging from who knows where. Your photo is exactly how big it is, and I named it Stephanie (as I nearly stepped on it). A friend at work who has a couple lizards has taken Stephanie home, and seems to be doing well for such a small critter!
    Anyway, I have enjoyed reading posts and photos on your site. My partner is the one who went beyond just looking at photo, and we are that rare breed of crazy cat men as well :mrgreen:

  2. What a cool tale, Blaine! And I very much appreciate the fact that you saved the little lady (almost certainly a lady anyway) and found her a new home. She’ll grow, although the large local population living at my home doesn’t include anything overly large.

    And thank you ever so kindly for visiting and commenting–and enjoying yourself while you’re here.

    Oh, and the world can always use more crazy cat men! Just to prove we’re not aliens visiting from another planet, I mean.

  3. I live in Florida and here are so many of these little guys here. There is always about five or six on my bathroom window. One night i saw a really tiny one on the window and he was so cute. The next night i went to et in the shower and there he was in the bathtub. He had crawled in through the window. so i kept him as a pet. He is really cute, im scared to pick him up though cause i heard they bite.

  4. I just escorted one of those outside. I was looking for a picture to show someone what I had because I couldn’t take a snap. I was just thinking that none had gotten into my house in a long time, but I was tidying up the kitchen and he had fallen into a carafe. Thank goodness I wasn’t chasing it for an hour like I’m used to.

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