Will somebody please talk to me!

Vazra loves to talk.  He’s very responsive when I talk to him, and he’s equally fond of starting conversations on his own.  In addition, he talks to anything moving about outside.  Whether it’s a wild animal or another cat, he’ll talk to it and will follow it around the windows so he can keep talking to it.

One day as I sat at the desk, I could hear him talking to something outside.  He rushed out of the bedroom long before I was able to go investigate.  Before I knew it, he was in the window next to me chattering away to Larenti who had decided to lie down right outside.

Although I missed most of the conversation while scrambling to get the camera, replace the dead battery with a charged one, and get myself situated to grab some photos and video, here’s a snippet of him after he got situated right next to her.  You can see her head through the window as she looks about while Vazra tries to communicate first with her, and then with me (after he noticed I was standing above him).

[do I have to bash the WMV file again?; yes, I do; it made Vazra’s voice sound so tinny and artificial; it also added all manner of conversion artifacts to both the audio and video; and the MOV file is so much smaller yet offers much better quality; I don’t know how to make the MS files better given I’m using the highest setting for the output; piece of shit…]

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