Kako’s double

Kako has a dopplegänger.  But it’s no mere double.  This cat is much larger than she is.  Although I’ve only had a few personal encounters with the feline, it seems to be relatively friendly and not so feral that it runs if I’m outside while it’s around.  That said, it’s also not completely comfortable with me and does keep a watchful eye on my activities.

I already showed one picture of the little beast as it grabbed a bit to eat while Larenti watched.  In fact, I noticed Larenti is now following this cat much like she did with Vazra before I rescued him.  She’s a lonely sort that way.

This new visitor to jason’s world of wildlife mayhem is cross-eyed.  I’ve noticed this trait as I’ve gotten clearer views.  Nonetheless, it’s a spunky cat with a laid-back personality.

And let me apologize ahead of time for the quality of some of these photos.  This cat isn’t interested in my direction even when I beg for it to stand still long enough for a portrait.  Oh, and I had the camera on the wrong setting and didn’t realize it, so the shutter speed was too slow for moving objects and moving hands.  Can I still blame it on the cat?

Clance watching me (154_5401)

One, take note of the stripes across the chest.  It’s a black tabby like Kako, and just like Kako, it has ferret-like fur that is black on the outside tip but is mostly white.  This could be her larger cousin.

Another thing that’s obvious is a problem with the poor cat’s right eye.  You can get a closer look (albeit sans focus) here.  It’s either a broken blood vessel around the pupil or is damage to the pupil itself.

Clance looking up at me (153_5364)

That’s another view of the eye in question.  You can make out through the blur how the damage is part of the pupil and extends to the bottom of the eye itself.  I’m not certain if that’s a genetic trait, if it’s related to being cross-eyed, or if it’s from an attack.

After a meal, where do you go?  Elsewhere is the answer in this case.  Again, pardon the focus error.

Clance walking away but looking back at me (153_5366)

You can see some of the stripes on its body and its tail in that photo.  While Kako is petite, a trait that makes it hard to clearly identify her tabby traits, this cat is much larger.  That makes it a bit easier to see the stripes.

Here’s a much better overhead shot while the kitty was eating.

Overhead shot of Clance while it eats (154_5421)

And a side view.

Side sot of Clance eating (154_5407)

I’ll continue trying to get better photos of the rascal.  I also intend to befriend it as much as possible.  I’ll keep you posted.

By the way, this seems to be the cat that makes such a mess of the neat pile of food I put outside the fence.  It’s eating habits are… well… let me just say it wouldn’t be invited to any fancy dinner parties if that’s how it was going to dine.

[Update] Subsequently named Clance.

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