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Okay, poppets, here’s an exercise for you to consider.  I’m retitling Darkness Comes to Kingswell and want to offer a deceptive tidbit for you to consider.  If you’re so inclined, you can even regurgitate your opinion in the comments in hope of swaying my opinion.

The following are some of the titles I’m considering for this book mixed together with some random titles I just made up.  Why?  I’m secretive about the whole thing now because this could be the big one.  Well, in truth it’s because I don’t want the real title I’m thinking about stolen for other purposes or used before I get a chance to assault the planet with it.  Once again, I’m assuming this is going somewhere other than on my hard drive.

The reason I’m posting this is to give you an opportunity to see the possibilities and to speak up about what you think is best (I’m afraid that only works well for those who know the story).  You’re more than welcome to say what catches your eye (or more than one if that’s the case).

I’ll admit now I’ve not looked into all of these given some of them were generated as I wrote this post.  It’s quite possible there are more than a few I couldn’t use because they’re already taken.

  • Hours Until Darkness
  • Hours to Darkness
  • Two Days Until Darkness
  • The Lightless
  • Lightless Dreams
  • Dreams of the Lightless
  • Dreams of the Darkness
  • Darkness Comes to Kingswell
  • Kingswell Goes Dark
  • The Day Kingswell Went Dark
  • Shame the Darkness
  • Shame the Lightless
  • The Shadow Folk
  • Lightless
  • Touch of the Lightless
  • Vengeful Darkness

Before anyone says so, I do already realize development of the story could well give rise to additional ideas.  Also, my mind hasn’t stopped thinking about the possibilities and will continue doing so throughout the next few months, and that means something unconsidered is always a possibility.

3 thoughts on “Possible titles”

  1. Ok, at the risk of disappointing you, I really like the original title best.

    There are several reasons. One, I like the homage to Stephen King. The most important reason is it is a title worthy of literary aspirations. Think about the titles of the Hemingway novels, and other works of that time. Darkness Comes to Kingswell resonates in my mind much like those do.

    Sometimes, you have to go with your first instinct.

  2. I’m not sold on a new title yet. It is what I’m thinking about as I work through rewrites, but I’m also holding back final decisions until the last minute. It may remain Darkness Comes to Kingswell or just as easily be relabeled something else. At this point, I’m letting ideas run wild so I don’t limit myself.

    There will probably be a note to Stephen King in the acknowledgements (and wouldn’t you like to know each of you is listed by name in that section as well . . . Oops, did I spill the beans?). It will include a bit about the name of Kingswell and its relation to Castle Rock, Maine. Nevertheless, the title is up in the air, as I said, and might or might not change depending on which way the wind is blowing at the moment I make a decision.

    Indecision. It’s what’s for dinner.

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