Why do I name them?

I’ve been asked why I name the outside cats.  There are three major reasons, one of which is shared with the cause for naming other wildlife (although I don’t post about that).

(1) It’s easier for me to talk to them when I’m not referring to each individual with the same name I use for every other individual.  “Hi, kitty” gets rather tired when that’s all I say despite the targets being a dozen different animals.  This is also true of other wildlife but only works when I’m certain I can tell them apart.

(2) It’s easier for me to write about them.  Whether blogging or writing in my offline journal, constantly referring to an animal as “Kako’s double” or “Vazra’s lady friend” eventually becomes tedious.  So long as I know the creature that goes with each name, using anything else is a waste of time.

(3) It’s easier for me to organize my photos when I can go to a specific name knowing precisely what I’ll find.

Given the explanation, I’m announcing three new names and a bit of reorganization.

Let me begin by saying all of the stray/outside/feral cats I’ve named (and will name in the future) have been moved out of the The Kids structure in both categorization and image placement.  That includes both Chira and Larenti.  They’ve been moved to a new “wildlife” section in both regards.  I don’t like including them in the general results for everything about my cats and think this works better.  Those changes have already been included in the updated sidebar.

Next, let me tell you the names for the three most recent “regular” feline visitors from the outside world.

Kako‘s newest double will now be known as Henko.  The name is a chimera of Henry‘s name (for the white spot on its chest as seen in this photo) and Kako’s name (for being a black tabby).

The first Kako dopplegänger I discovered will now be known as Clance.  That name is a modification of Clarence.  Because Clance is cross-eyed, I thought it an appropriate moniker based on the 1965 movie Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion.  While I can’t argue that the movie itself is horrifically bad and unworthy of viewing by anyone anywhere, the title popped into my head and seemed appropriate given Clance is majorly cross-eyed.

And lastly, the new cat who looks like Larenti will be called Aethon.  That’s the ancient Greek god of famine.  Why is that appropriate?  This poor cat eats an enormous amount of food and gives me the impression it’s starved—or famished.  I’ve only observed the feline eating here perhaps a handful of times, yet it never fails the poor thing will consume almost all of what’s available and even waits from time to time for me to put more out there—which it then eats most of before finally scurrying off in a satisfied state.  I’m concerned that is a sign of internal parasites but likewise hope it’s a sign it’s been going hungry for a while and isn’t eating anything other than what it gets from me.  Only time will tell.

In response to the names and the general change to what I consider related to The Kids, I’ve updated the sidebar and think I’ve updated all of the appropriate posts and links.

[Update] As for the pronunciations, here’s some guidance.  Henko is pronounced HANG-koh.  Aethon is pronounced A-thawn (a as in hay, and the ‘th’ in thon is hard like ‘the’).  Clance is… well, it’s dance with CL in place of the D.

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