Meet Sonny

As promised, here are some photos and a video of Sonny.  He’s been here since about 11 A.M. and will be here until my neighbors get home.  You can be certain I’ll give them what for because they continually put him out on the balcony and leave him there all day, he inevitably gets down/falls down and winds up roaming about the neighborhood, and he’s declawed—so he can’t defend himself or even climb, let alone catch the tree when he jumps to it from their balcony (which I suspect is mostly how he gets down, although I’ve seen him standing on their handrail and think he might also be falling from time to time).

First, here’s Sonny being very nice while making clear he’d like the door to be open rather than closed.

Sonny standing and facing the bathroom door (156_5605)

So far as size goes, he’s about Kazon‘s size with a bit more meat on his bones.  Kazon is a lean cat, although he’s muscular and large.  Sonny is about the same size but is filled out a wee bit more.

Here he is lying in front of the door to make certain he’s ready when I decide to leave.

Sonny lying in front of the bathroom door so he's ready when I decide to leave (156_5623)

This is a perfect shot of him coming back for move lovin’.  He’s a very sweet cat who likes to sit on your back, rub against you, be in contact with you however possible, and generally absorb whatever affection you’re offering.

Sonny turning around to get more lovin' (156_5611)

Finally, the video.  He’s quite vocal as you’ll see.  That’s a good sign because it means he’s learned from humans to communicate openly (most don’t know cats are normally not very talkative and only learn from us at an early age that talking and responding is acceptable and expected, and that it gets results and passes on information).

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