You look like you could use an opossum

You’ll have to pardon the quality of the photos since it was early morning and the contrast of the bright sky and dark foliage didn’t make it easy to take photos without washing out all the details with the flash.

This juvenile opossum ran into the tree when I walked outside.  At first, it was way back in the middle of the tree.

Juvenile opossum hiding in the tree (154_5435)

After I stood quiet and still for several minutes with the camera held in front of me, the little rascal began to work its way toward me.

Juvenile opossum hanging onto a limb and watching me (154_5474)

Eventually, it worked its way to the closest limb where it could take a close look at me.  When I didn’t pounce, it then climbed down and left.

Juvenile opossum sitting on a near limb deciding if it is safe to climb down (154_5457)

[need I mention creepy little hands? and check out the difference between the front and rear paws as is especially evident in the last photo…]

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