Update mayhem

I’ve spent the better part of this morning completing a slew of updates on the site and server.  Most of them were background updates, but some of them do involve user functionality (comment subscriptions, print views, general site code, and so on).  If you run into any problems or something isn’t functioning the way it should, let me know.

Something else I did was modify the syndication feeds to add a copyright notice.  This should help with the wholesale theft that has been taking place with some not-so-upstanding folks pulling the feed and posting it to their own sites as though it was their content, and all without crediting me or linking back to this blog.  Well, now they don’t have a choice but to show the copyright on every post that’s sent through the various feeds.  So there!

Finally, I completed a major upgrade to several of the underlying security components.  This may or may not be obvious depending on how you connect to the site.  Hopefully, you won’t see any differences.

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