They have a name!

Woot!  Woot!  I’m all that and a bag of chips—expensive chips too, not the cheap kind.  Imported chips maybe, something not available at the neighborhood five-and-dime.

‘The darkness’ now has a name.  They’re no longer just a state of luminescence.  It’s more than that now, and they’ll be thrilled, I’m sure.

I’m not saying what it is at this point as I want to keep it under wraps until I’m ready to share it publicly (I don’t want the word copied by anyone for any purpose).  Rest assured I think you’ll like it.  And it describes them well, in my opinion at least, even though it’s not really a word.

There’s no great certainty at this moment, but the name is probably going to be the title of the book.  Maybe.  Or something like that.

I do know for certain the final work will not be called Darkness Comes to Kingswell since I think that name is a bit predictive and childish in some way, a cheap explanation of the story before it matters.  If the new name for ‘the darkness’ becomes the title, it’ll either be just the word or the word preceded by “The”—but I think it will probably just be the word itself if I go that route.  And I’m strongly leaning in that direction.

Oh, and it’s not really a word you couldn’t make up on your own.  It’s a combination of two words put together in a way that’s never been done before, and one of which is used in a way that’s not really grammatically correct.  I’m now an English blasphemer.  How will I ever get over the embarrassment?

I think I’ll manage.

Sorry to be so immature and vague with my excitement.  I’ve been mulling over a name for them/it since I finished the original short story, and this one popped into my head yesterday and really seemed to capture the essence of the darkness.  Hopefully you’ll feel the same way and won’t hate it.

4 thoughts on “They have a name!”

  1. clear as mud. glad you like it. I’m sure the rest of us will too. just hurry up and finish it so you can publish, buy your own kingswell, tx and never have to work for anyone else again :mrgreen:

  2. Um, I’m not sure I’d count those chickens before they hatch (being successful at writing), but let’s hope!

    On the timing question, I hope to have the manuscript ready for submission by spring (early if I can, but no later than the end of spring). That includes having the manuscript given a once-over by someone I trust to critically analyze both the story and the grammar/writing, a final pass by me with their comments in tow, and a last little clean-up of anything that jumps out at me. Months. I’m measuring the schedule in months, and I mean less than six.

    Keep your fingers crossed and think good thoughts for me, if you don’t mind.

    I’ve also considered self-publishing the book (via or something similar). That’s an option I’ve not disregarded yet. I’m keeping my all my options open.

  3. i didn’t know that it was possible to self-publish. how cool is that. you will do just fine no matter which direction you go with it. just keep us in the loop as much as you can without giving anything away.

  4. Yes, self-publishing is always an option, but there are drawbacks. One, there’s no mass distribution or free publicity from a publishing house; it would all fall on me and word of mouth to drum up interest and — hopefully — purchasers. Two, the costs are entirely mine to get the book going and make it available, and that even if I were to use on-the-fly publishing; organizations that offer the services aren’t going to make the huge investment to cover the upfront costs, again much unlike a standard publishing house. Still, it’s an option.

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