Congress now belongs to the people again

So it’s finished.  The Democrats have taken both the House and the Senate.  The GOP have been incontrovertibly evicted from their posh lobbyist-paid-for digs on Capitol Hill, they’ve had power rended from their grimy paws by the people for whom they actually were supposed to be working (a fact the Republicans long ago forgot or decided to ignore), and at this point Bush finds himself finally accountable again to the oversight authority of Congress.  Let us hope the Dems take definitive action to stop the credit-card-Congress mentality and spending.  Let us hope they begin serious investigations into the corruption that appears to have permeated the GOP-controlled legislative branch.  Let us hope they rescind many of the screwing-the-people laws passed by their predecessors (such as the bankruptcy disaster and the prohibition on government negotiations for lower drug prices under the Medicare program, both of which were shafts to the electorate and horrific examples of catering to business instead of the real bosses of this democracy: US!).  Let us hope they rein in the unrestrained power already granted to our despotic executive.  Let us hope they stop the earmarks (pork projects) that have grown willy-nilly in the last six years and have wasted tremendous amounts of the people’s money.  Let us hope they fix the voting laws to ensure a controlled, reliable, and trustworthy mechanism across the states for all voters.  Let us hope they pass restrictions on lobbyists and other special interests who use vast amounts of money to pressure Congress to bend to their wills.

There are so many other things to be fixed.  Let us hope.

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