Some new shots of Clance

I’ve been trying to get a few new photos of Clance mostly with the purpose of showing off his black tabby features.  I find this kind of feline coloration to be the most unique.  Just as is the case with Kako who herself is a black tabby, their fur is actually almost all white.  It’s only the outer third of the hair that is black.  That’s one thing that makes them so unique, but they also have the classic tabby stripes—except they’re black on black, which makes them difficult to see while being equally beautiful.

I was finally able to grab a few close-up shots of Clance in natural light that was perfect for showing off his stunning coat.  Here’s the first.  (Pardon the edge of the fence you see in the top-right corner.  I didn’t realize I’d captured that until later.)

A close-up of Clance while he eats (155_5589)

And a similar shot sans the fence.

A close-up of Clance while he eats (155_5581)

Finally, here’s a shot more from the front that again shows off the tabby stripes across his chest as well as around his face.  Note the classic tabby stripes crossing the cheeks from the eyes.

A close-up of Clance while he eats (155_5582)

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