Box full of bliss

Cats love boxes as much as they love bags and anything else they can get inside of to sleep or play.  Better than even those options is one of them with a toy inside.  Loki finds a toy in a box and promptly turns it into the kind of fun that only a cat could enjoy.

By the way, because of the quality of the original video (very dark), I can’t really tell whose head that is on the left side of the screen at the very beginning of the video.  Also, I’ve had to lighten it tremendously to make it viewable.  With Quicktime, I have more control over that process and can manipulate the contrast along with the brightness, so the MOV version is a bit better than the WMV (Microsoft only lets me lighten or darken the video, but there is no way to control the contrast).  Nevertheless, both videos are the video is a bit washed out because of how much lightening I had to do to make them it usable.  Sorry.  This video was recorded in December 2003 when I was not very familiar with the new camera or its various settings, so that means a lot of the photos and videos from then were more experimental and of lower quality than what I’m able to do now.  Live and learn.

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