Faux fireplace

The faux fireplace.  Gas powered.  Controlled with the simple flip of a switch; either on or off.  Completely enclosed with glass.  What a wondrous invention.

Sure, it’s not the same as a real fireplace with wood burning and the crackling and popping and the smell, but it’s also not a huge danger.  As you see below, Grendel and his siblings found it to be a wonderful gift from the feline gods.  It gave off plenty of warmth and even some light (enough to be the perfect night light in winter).  There was no risk of sparks shooting out of it.  None of the cats could climb inside and rummage through the ash when I wasn’t home.  I could use it as often as I wanted and never had to clean it.

I know it looks fake.  That wasn’t as apparent when viewed from a distance (although it also wasn’t hard to figure out).

Anyway, it’s a wonderful invention.  I wish I still had one.  I’m sure my brats wish the same thing.

Grendel sitting in front of the faux fireplace (119_1958)

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