Past and present, remember those in uniform

Today is Veteran’s Day.  While originally a day to mark the end of World War I, it has since grown into a celebration to honor the men and women who put on uniforms and serve to protect our nation.

This day is not intended to be political or to use our armed forces for partisan gain.  It is a nonpartisan honor for Americans to have been and currently be protected by brave men and women.  They are the heroes willing to put their lives on the line to protect everything for which our nation stands.

It is sufficient to remember those who have come before as well as those who now serve, but it’s more important—more meaningful if your remembrance and respect is coupled with action.  Consider participating in local veteran’s organizations, consider sending care packages to those presently enlisted, and consider being a pen pal for one or more of our brave protectors who are shedding blood and risking life and limb so you don’t have to.

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