The telling tree

My favorite tree has been telling me all sorts of stories.  This is the inspiration for what might end up being my second attempt at a novel (once the current project is finished and being submitted).  I talked to Rick about the idea this afternoon during lunch and he was impressed with it.  He found it a very unique and compelling brainchild.  We’ll see how it goes.

Part of my difficulty with it is what the story is about and how that can be told, but it’s also how to successfully keep it flowing while spanning centuries.  It’s dark and twisted and full of period pieces, but the underlying reason for what happens actually goes back millennia; all of that has to be told from an overriding perspective in modern times.

The title of the book is already selected.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  It’s been narrowed down to three possible choices that all mean the same thing.  It’ll either be one word or five words.

Okay, no more talk.  I don’t want to give away this idea like I did the last one.  It’s a surprise, one I hope you’ll enjoy.

In the meantime, another photo of my favorite tree, the storyteller.

My favorite tree with the sun barely shining through the upper branches (146_4660)

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