Two in the closet and only one comes out

Almost two years ago, I posted a video demonstrating Kazon‘s door-opening skills, not to mention Kako‘s proclivity to sit on the sidelines while her brother gets into trouble only to rush in once he provides an opportunity for mischief.  He’s much bigger and stronger, after all, and is more likely to gain access to things she couldn’t otherwise get to/into without his help.  At the end of that video, once Kazon had the door open and had entered the room, Kako zoomed in from behind me and rushed through the open door behind him.  This video picks up immediately following that video.

I was shooting video to see if they would come out once they realized what was behind the door was nothing new (it was only the small laundry room and both had been inside it many times).  When they didn’t exit, I tapped my foot.  That spurred Kako to decide no fun was to be had and boring closets with laundry machinery had nothing to offer her.  Kazon, on the other hand, is not so easily persuaded that the same room over and over again will still offer the same mundane attractions it always has.  One can never be too certain that something new hasn’t been introduced that will need thorough investigating… or to be played with.  Also, he knows if he waits long enough, Daddy will be forced to come look for him.

[I did have to lighten this a bit, so bear that in mind when considering the grainy and slightly washed-out quality]

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