You can’t imagine the mess

But oh the fun!  This past weekend was a catnip weekend.  It was Vazra‘s first since I rescued him.

While I do keep a fresh supply of catnip toys scattered about the pad, something more primitive and fun takes place when I spread a large amount of the really fresh stuff on the floor.  Yes, it makes a tremendous mess.  It winds up everywhere—on the furniture (including on/in the bed) and in every room.  Despite this, it would be impossible to explain the antics and excitement caused by the experience.

They wallow in it, they eat it, they bring toys and drop them in the middle of the spread so as to turn up the volume of play, and they generally go nuts.  When all energy has been expended, they nap.  Oh, how they nap.  And they return to it time and again, so I leave it in place for a few days until it loses its mojo.

As I explained to Jenny yesterday, I made the terrible mistake of once again having the camera on the wrong setting while I took photographs and videos of the event.  I did rescue a few pictures (but no videos) because they showed promise, but most of them were junk.  I’ll learn one of these days…

Here’s one of the photos I saved.  This is Vazra grabbing a drink of water after twenty or so minutes of ‘nip-induced shenanigans.  It demonstrates clearly why these events make such a mess.  For best results, check out the hi-res version.  If you do, look at the floor behind him.  Then imagine five cats in the same condition.

Vazra drinking some water with catnip all over his fur (157_5781)

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