Meet Chewy and Yoda

Yes, their names are from Star Wars.  You can blame that on Mom.  It should also verify what I’ve said all along: My science fiction fetish is all her fault; she was the one who got us kids hooked on the original Star Trek more than 30 years ago.

So, these are her new kittens.  After losing Smartie, Nuisance, Sam, and Zach in the last twelve months, she had only Smudge to patrol the farm and keep rodents in check.  These two are new trainees engaged to supplement Smudge’s activities while also providing him with a bit of company (he became very lonely after Smartie disappeared; he needs some playmates).

Chewy is the black kitten and Yoda is the tabby.  Let me say after seeing them on Thanksgiving that this photo does little justice to Yoda’s markings.  His stripes are broken enough so that he looks a lot like a Bengal cat (although not so much that he could be mistaken for one).

Chewy is the lover.  He wants attention, enjoys being held, and despite his kitten craziness, he’s all about people.  Yoda, on the other hand, is a wild child hell-bent and looking for trouble.  He has little interest in or time for humans aside from food and water and play.

The kittens, Chewy and Yoda, sleeping together (chewy_and_yoda)

[picture via Mom]

4 thoughts on “Meet Chewy and Yoda”

  1. Our mumkins and Grumpy Man are sci fi crazies as well as fantasy weirdos. They are also fantasy role players, hence our names.
    Loup-Garou is happy he is not the only black cat who adores humans and their caresses. And Zorro is relieved he’s not the only troublemaker around. 😆

    Meows from Loup-Garou, Zorro and Bean Sidhe.

  2. You forgot to mention the fact they have stolen the dog’s bed, they same dog they try to terrorize only when she’s not looking.
    Long live Mr. Spock!

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