Free association

Here it is Sunday and I still feel bloated from Thursday.  No, not really, but I suspect there are those who do feel that way.  I wonder if all that gluttony was tempered with setting aside a bit of the extra food for those not as fortunate who probably did not enjoy a large Thanksgiving feast.  I doubt it.  Refrigerators are full of leftovers (assuming they survived this long) and some portion of that food will undoubtedly be thrown away in the near future.  And still people go hungry.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to go off on a rant.  This is a free association entry and such posts shouldn’t be cluttered with my philosophical and political views except when they are the result of my brain spill.  So let’s get on with it, shall we?

  1. Rhyme ::
  2. Substantial ::
  3. Instant ::
  4. Greed ::
  5. Brad ::
  6. Season ::
  7. Accomplished ::
  8. Invite ::
  9. Sparkle ::
  10. Rainbow ::

After poking it with a stick several times to get it moving this morning, here’s what my brain offered up:

  1. Rhyme :: or reason
  2. Substantial :: rain, as in we need it desperately
  3. Instant :: gratification
  4. Greed :: the root of all money, or something like that
  5. Brad :: Pitt (come on! you knew that would happen)
  6. Season :: winter (my favorite)
  7. Accomplished :: finished
  8. Invite :: party
  9. Sparkle :: twinkle
  10. Rainbow :: fag… er… I meant flag

One thought on “Free association”

  1. Rhyme :: poem
    Substantial :: raise
    Instant :: gratification
    Greed :: show me the money
    Brad :: Angelina
    Season :: flavoring
    Accomplished :: not much
    Invite :: open
    Sparkle :: pee
    Rainbow :: warrior

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