The temptation is palpable

Ever considered a small business loan?  Ever considered jumping out of your own career skin and doing something so daring and different that others thought you crazy?  Ever seen an opportunity that spoke to you intimately and constantly?

How about a one million dollar turnkey business purchase?  Notice where it is.  Notice what it looks like.

Don’t even ask me how I found this.  In the course of doing research for Dreamdarkers, I stumbled upon that page.

Place to live.  Place to write.  Place to make a living.  Place to commune with nature and be away from the mayhem of city life.  Place to be within a few hours of Dallas yet a stone’s throw from the family farm.

How Dave Lloyd, yes?

9 thoughts on “The temptation is palpable”

  1. You buy it and I’ll move there and run it for you. I cook a mean breakfast… πŸ™‚
    I been wanting to get out of the computer field for some time anyways and get back to the country.

  2. if i knew that there could be enough income generated off of something like that, it might be worth it. the problem is making sure that it stays booked. I would definately have to go the owner financed route. a million bucks is about 100K per month 😯

  3. Jason…. buy that place and then you can simply hide out in the little Robert E Lee boat and do whatever you do. Step outside every now and then and do your little Snow White nature thing surrounded by birds and squirells and crap. Sing a Disney song if you like… take some pictures…

    I’ll run the place, make breakfast, change all the sheets and take out the trash and such when folks checkout.

    This could work.

    Lemme know when you sign the papers so I can start packing my things for the move. πŸ™‚

    Oh, and I got dibs on the old 38 pickup too… 8)

  4. I’ll take the 30 ft. Sun-Tracker boat, the Ford Jubilee tractor with numerous functional accessories, the hay wagon, the canoe, the large barbeque facility, the workshop, and tools.

    Wayne, does that mean you ONLY cook breakfast? there are 2 other meals with smaller meals and snacks in between. plus going to the store to buy the food etc.

    and the snow white dress has ben covered before…jason would have to look it up but he would look cute in it. πŸ˜†

  5. It’s a bed and breakfast, not a bed and three squares. People are on their own for everything other than the first meal of the day.

    My Snow White thing? I can’t help it if I love nature. Saying I’m fascinated by it is an understatement.

    I’d focus on writing. Imagine the lack of disturbances and the quick escapes into the bayou and woodlands for inspiration or a break. That is where Kingswell is located, so it would provide ample creative fuel.

    You know, that floating room does intrigue me. It seems like a very cool idea, but I’d be concerned about space for five cats and one person. More probable would be using the main house. It seems to have plenty of room and could be shared. Whether or not it was a Hemingway experience (where the cats are part of the package) is another story; I’d be concerned about them escaping or being hurt or visitors being allergic, so perhaps they’d stay isolated upstairs as people were prone to come in and out downstairs. Then again, there are other places (some of the old quarters, for instance). The major consideration would be to keep as much room as possible available for guests (and, therefore, income) while also providing employee/owner residences as needed.

  6. well i wasn’t speaking for cooking for the guests. if he’s your slave cook, he has at least 2 other meals to cook for you and whomever else you wish. πŸ˜€

  7. I seem to remember someone else is an avid and capable chef. No names . . . ahem . . . xocobra . . . I could have two cooks. Hmmm . . .

    I think its general income is the major concern. Covering whatever employees are running the place while also paying off the financing — while leaving a little something for the owner — would be imperatives. If I owned it, that income would be less important since room and board would be covered already. Once writing took off, it could supplement that nicely.

    But it’s a big job. Managing the grounds, maintenance, keeping business up, handling finances and taxes and bills, probably expanding the place (if it could support additional business, that would be critical), providing reliable and friendly service to guests no matter what time they call, and the list goes on.

  8. ok, well you already know how to do this: keeping business up, handling finances and taxes and bills

    Might be able to do this: providing reliable and friendly service to guests

    Managing the grounds, maintenance,expanding are all quite easy to do. just make sure that you have enough stuff on hand to handle just about any situation. you could do it jason, no doubt about it. all you would need to do is ask them to see theit P&L from last 5 years and what reservations they currently have. you also need to make sure that they are not going into competing business as to pull reservations away. you have enough contacts in your live to make it profitable. you also have the owners that are willing to finance. that is the best part. they are wanting to avoid taxation so they would probably take a longer term note to avoid all the taxes. it’s worth a look. it could be just what you want. you want to have a job that can pay the bills but not take up to much time. what more could you ask for

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