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This is a very cool looking spider.  I wonder if they make good pets…

Take a look at all the kitties at Weekend Cat Blogging #78.

Another most excellent “Special Comment” by Keith Olbermann.  This time, it’s aimed at Newt Gingrich for suggesting we protect our free speech by taking it away in the name of security.  [requires Quicktime]

Yet more evidence that life on Earth may have been the result of organic material deposited by meteorites (and even asteroids), and the finding also suggests the same could have happened throughout the universe.  “NASA researchers have discovered organic material inside a meteorite the recently fell in Canada’s Tagish Lake. The meteorite is especially valuable because scientists collected it shortly after it crashed in 2000, ensuring it wasn’t contaminated by local bacteria. The meteorite seems to contain many small hollow organic globules, which probably formed in the cold molecular cloud of gas and dust that gave birth to the Solar System. Meteorites like this have been falling to Earth for billions of years, and probably seeded the early planet with organic material.”

A most excellent tribute to Carl Sagan in honor of what would have been his 72nd birthday on November 9.  [via Chris Hallquist]

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