Thinning the herd and adding a few newbies

I’m presently working through my blog list and removing some to make room for some new entries.  Here’s my logic.

I have grown rather fatigued with spin and partisan blabbering.  For that reason, most political blogs are being dropped—including Daily Kos, AMERICAblog, Brain Terminal, and many others.  All of them lie and deceive, spin and misrepresent, and otherwise fail the honesty test on a regular basis.  Did Markos Moulitsas bother to mention some of his diarists—including some promoted to the front page—were paid political pundits rather than grassroots progressives?  Does John Aravosis point his forked tongue at Democrats guilty of the same crimes and ineptitudes for which he constantly shrieks at Republicans?  Did Evan Coyne Maloney ever learn anything about e-mail—and more importantly, is he capable of telling the truth about bias in the media, including his own horrifically slanted spin?

I could go on, but the point is this: blogs on both ends of the political spectrum have become boring reiterations of the same political machinations and prevaricating balderdash.  They lie and deceive, and then they point fingers at each other for doing the same things.  They intentionally ignore and obfuscate fallacies in their own movements so they might better harp ad nauseam about the other guys.  Shameful, yet not surprising.  Additionally, much of what they say is unoriginal and unconvincing drivel meant to cater to and manipulate sheeple.  Whatever.

A longstanding rule of mine is to link only to those blogs I read.  I am not and will not be a link whore.  Over the past several months, I have grown increasingly disinterested in some of the blogs I once read with enthusiasm.  Part of that is due to my changing tastes; part of that is due to their changing foci.  Likewise, some of the blogs I once enjoyed have become unreliable with posting.  Some of them having gone without updates for several months.  If they’re not posting, I’m not reading.

More and more, I’m interested in blogs focused on science and math, writing, photography, philosophy, animals, nature and conservation, and intelligent discussion of world events—excluding partisan hackery, that is.  I also continue to read the blogs of my friends and family.  Moreover, people like Eric at Straight White Guy and Elisson at Blog d’Elisson entice me to read with their ability to speak to common events using creative, humorous, delightful prose.  I’d rather hear how they explain sitting on the front porch swatting flies or barbecuing dinner than wannabe nobodies retching toilet fodder as though anyone should be interested in it.

I’ve become quite weary of mindless gibbering.  Although I can tolerate that from people I know, and I enjoy it when it’s done with flair and humor and creativity, bloggers I once enjoyed for their personable styles have become background noise over which I normally skip.  So why keep them?

All of that to say this: the blog list is changing.  More will be lost soon.  More will be added as time goes by.

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