Disconnected day

Call today an offline day for me.  I’ve scheduled posts to show up early in the morning.  That’s all you’ll get from me.  I’m focusing my energy and efforts on job hunting and writing, in that order, and will not be online in the usual sense.

You will pardon me for my dull and gloomy mood of late.  My birthday is looming and the horrordays are upon us all, yet my mind cannot help but focus on the grim prospects I face at the end of the year.  Things look questionable at best.  A significant aspect of my dreary view encompasses how I feel I have—or will—let down The Kids.  What shall I do…

But never lable me be a party pooper.  My children are around me even as I write this, and they give me more than I can ever repay.  Whatever I do, it absolutely will concentrate on ensuring their well-being.  Period.

So enjoy your Tuesday such as it is.  You’ll hear from me tomorrow lest adversity visit me before then.

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