Ooh, ain’t she a fine cat!

When Kako first was introduced to the fireplace, she ran like a wild woman.  It scared her for reasons I couldn’t possibly understand.  She’d never been around fire, never been hurt by it, yet she was the epitome of pyrophobia.  If the fireplace was active, she made a point of going around it by whatever means would take her the furthest from its reach.  She’d climb over furniture, she’d slink around the perimeter of the room, and she’d dash by it as if pursued by the devil himself.  In one way, it was funny; in another, it wasn’t funny at all.

But time took its toll and she eventually came to enjoy it.  Most important, I’m sure, was the heat.  She’s the smallest cat in the house and has fine hair as a coat, so she tends to get cold easier than the others.  Once she realized the fireplace would not reach out and grab her in paws of fiery fury, she began investigating it.  She grew comfortable around it and, before long, fell in love with it.  The transition provided a wonderful process to behold.

When she overcame her phobia and reversed it into mania, she then became obsessive about being near the fireplace when it was active.  This video shows just such a time.  What you’ll notice is that she sits there—just sits there and stares at the flames.  Ah, but things are not always as they seem.  Kako loves her reflection.  She thinks—no, she knows she’s the hottest momma on the planet, the purtiest feline ever to set foot on Mother Earth.  Nothing will convince me she wasn’t sitting in front of the glass looking at her reflection while simultaneously bathing in the warmth it offered.  You can almost hear her bestowing all manner of praise on that fine-ass feline she saw in the reflection.

A few notes: I had to lighten the video, so keep that in mind as to its somewhat washed-out quality.  Loki makes a very brief appearance as he walks by and slips through the bottom-left corner of the frame; he’s almost unrecognizable because it’s so quick and you see so little of him.  That is an episode of Stargate SG-1 playing in the background.  Finally, the video is three minutes long for those who want to see the full thing; for everyone else, you can watch the first minute or so and understand what’s in the last two minutes.  I already said she’d just sit there and stare at herself.  What were you expecting, a song and dance routine?

2 thoughts on “Ooh, ain’t she a fine cat!”

  1. Interesting, her love affair with the fire. Could it be that it’s like calling to like?

    Jason, you say you lightened the video. What apps are you using? I am in need of just that sort of thing.

  2. I don’t honestly know the entire scope of her fascination with it. What I do know is that she likes the heat and she likes her reflection, both of which play a part in her fireplace habit. Is there more to it? Possibly. She’s a complicated beast, that one.

    As for video editing, I use QuickTime for MOVs and MPEGs, and Windows Movie Maker for WMVs. Movie Maker is a piece of crap, though, and provides little in the way of true video editing capabilities (it’s geared more to casual users). I’ve been looking at other digital video software for more professional control, and I think Adobe Premiere thus far has proved the better option—but I’m basing that opinion on reviews and features. I may never upgrade since I’m not trying to make professional videos.

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