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Boss Hog: “Welcome to the dark side of the other white meat.”  It might be disturbing and you might not want to know, but I strongly suggest you go read this insider view of the pork industry.

I’m shocked so many can admit it…  “More people in Britain think religion causes harm than believe it does good, according to a Guardian/ICM poll published today. It shows that an overwhelming majority see religion as a cause of division and tension – greatly outnumbering the smaller majority who also believe that it can be a force for good. The poll also reveals that non-believers outnumber believers in Britain by almost two to one. It paints a picture of a sceptical nation with massive doubts about the effect religion has on society: 82% of those questioned say they see religion as a cause of division and tension between people. Only 16% disagree.”  I wish the same could be said of Americans, but progress is progress no matter where it happens.

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