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Santa’s dead and the kids watched him collapse!  “Children watched in horror as a Santa Claus collapsed and died as he handed out presents at a Christmas party on Sunday.”  I can’t help it: I laughed my ass off!

Yet another reason for stem cell research: “Patients with advanced cancer that has spread to many different sites often do not have many treatment options, since they would be unable to tolerate the doses of treatment they would need to kill the tumors. Researchers at City of Hope and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital may have found a way to treat cancers that have spread throughout the body more effectively. They used modified neural stem cells to activate and concentrate chemotherapeutic drugs predominately at tumor sites, so that normal tissue surrounding the tumor and throughout the body remain relatively unharmed.”

Fucking demonic hypocrite!  “Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday urged people everywhere to prepare for Christmas by overcoming prejudices as pilgrims and tourists gathered in St. Peter’s Square ahead of Christmas Eve celebrations. ‘Jesus came for each one of us and made us brothers,’ Benedict said during his traditional blessing from his window overlooking the square. In turn, he added, people should strive to ‘overcome preconceived ideas and prejudices, tear down barriers and eliminate contrasts that divide — or worse — set individuals and peoples against each other, so as to build together a world of justice and peace.'”  Do you think he means to apply that to his own gay bashing agenda and constant work to instill intolerance and bigotry in the Catholic church?  Of course not.  What he meant to say was that everyone else should give up their prejudices while he and his band of harpies can go right on preaching hate.

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