Before the sun hides the day

I want to wish everyone a happy New Year celebration.  Be safe and careful, mindful always of your own limits as well as the many fools who have already passed theirs.

Let 2007 begin and progress as a year of wonder, respect, and responsibility.  Set your sights high but never lose track of where each step must land to carry you forward.  Do not let your advancement be upon the backs of others, or at the expense of this planet that has sheltered us and provided for us despite our uncaring abuse.

And finally from The Kids, a presentation of holiday faces as they wish you Happy New Year!

From top to bottom: Grendel, Loki, Kako, Kazon, and Vazra.

Close-up profile of Grendel's face in natural light (160_6012)
Close-up profile of Loki's face in sunlight (160_6095)
Close-up of Kako's face in natural light (160_6089)
Close-up of Kazon's face in natural light (160_6018)
Close-up of Vazra's face in natural light (153_5331)

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