Waxing gibbous

Like the tree posted earlier, I also toyed with photographing the moon using My New Skillz.  Well, I mean using the mode that lets me control the shutter speed and, therefore, how much light it pulls in.  Anyway, as my New Year’s parting post, here are two photos of the last moon of the year.

I don’t know why the first one came out tinted like it is, but it sure made for a purty color.  Actually, this one was taken without any digital zoom and I suspect the distance from the target skewed it somehow… but I’m guessing.

The waxing gibbous moon (161_6160)

The second photo is color-corrected.  It was taken using the digital zoom, and then it was reduced in size to clarify the digital zoom fuzziness.  It’s because this one came out looking normal that I suspect the lack of digital zoom on the first one resulted in the soft violet hue.

The waxing gibbous moon (161_6152)

I’m quite proud of that little camera.  It did a damn fine job taking pictures of the moon.  I’m impressed because it wasn’t hooked up to the telescope.  I can’t wait until I get a new one and start doing that, however, since the combination will provide very different results from these tawdry experiments.  Still, I can’t complain.

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