‘Critters’ kitty

Due to the combination of angle, light, and his bouffant coif, this photo made me laugh so heartily that I broke into a painful coughing fit.  I didn’t care.  It’s so funny.  I find the photo amusing because it reminds me of a very, very, very bad science fiction movie called Critters.  It’s not just a B movie; it’s one of the most horrible film creations ever conceived—and then they made a bunch more to boot.  Bah!

I never watched the first one the whole way through.  I barely tolerated it long enough to see the alien invaders roll into fluffy balls so they could move about.  At that point, I had already burned far too many brain cells.  Rubbish, I say, pure rubbish!

But if you’ve ever seen the film, perhaps you’ll understand why this photo made me think of Vazra as one of those overly-furred, rolls-into-a-ball-to-move, terrible examples of Hollywood puppetry that wouldn’t entertain five year olds if it were the last thing on Earth they could watch.  He looks like a big head with too much fur standing on a tiny pair of feet jutting out beneath him.

An angled shot looking down at Vazra as he sits looking out the window (161_6125)

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