Another day on the road to recovery, and that means it’s another day of pedestrian vocabulary sharing.  I can’t help that I don’t have the mental strength to think of better words at the moment, but at least I feel better today—somewhat better, I mean—and am finally climbing out of the pit of agony I’ve wallowed in for a week.  Hopefully that means I’ll be back to my snarky, esoteric self in short order.  Meanwhile, mayhaps you know the words I’m offering and mayhaps you don’t, so I feel confident at least one person might be learning something new.

staid (staid): / stayd /

(1) characterized by a sedate, sober, or settled character (especially a sense of straight-laced propriety); not capricious, erratic, or flighty
(2) static, permanent, settled, stationary, or fixed

[From English ‘staid’ meaning “fixed, settled,” the obsolete past participle of ‘to stay.’]

Usage: Her staid demeanor often came across as dull lifelessness.

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