You don’t know how to make it go

When I snapped this photo of Kazon

Kazon sitting in the kitchen with his tongue out (105_0525)

…he was rather displeased with my having captured his tongue hanging out in such an unrefined manner, so he insisted I had no idea how to properly work the camera in such a way so as to photograph the best aspects of my subjects.  With that in mind, he insisted I give him the opportunity to show me how to make it go the right way.  Here is the result:

Kazon putting his face right in the camera as I snap a photo (162_6215)

Needless to say, we then put the camera down and opted instead for some lovin’.  At least we both feel confident we can get that right.

2 thoughts on “You don’t know how to make it go”

  1. Hi Jason! I saw you linked to my blog and I had to come over and see what you’re all about!
    I love your cat photos in today’s posts. I love to try to photograph cats’ different cattitudes and you’ve catured two very well here!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting!

    And yes, I try my best to capture all five of my superior felines in their many states of being. Unfortunately, they’re smarter than I am and quite capable of making me look silly with my human ways. But I love ’em all the same and enjoy whatever scenes with which they deign to grace me.

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