Reinvention, deviations, and general considerations

I’ve been pondering what will happen to this blog should (dare I say when?) I get published.  Let me voice some random ideas I have about that.  None of this is written in stone, so don’t take this as a definitive plan.  It’s more an open pondering of the subject.

And yes, I’m counting my chickens before they hatch.  As I said, this is just a brainstorming session.  That means I’m allowed to dream.

I will relaunch my old domain.  This is a pretty sure thing, I think, given it’s based on my name.  That seems a logical step.  That site will be focused on my professional self (ha! I said ‘professional’ in relation to me…).  Will it be a blog or just a general information site?  I’m thinking a blog since interacting with people after I’m rich and famous should be just as much fun as doing so while I’m a nobody peon.

What will happen to this site?  I don’t know.  It could be that it will remain active and my other domain will simply point people here.  Essentially, it would give the author persona a place to give tidbits about projects, a bibliography, and other writing information, yet it would be kept minimal insofar as it would focus primarily on a professional façade.  Blogging would remain at this location.

Then again, it’s possible I would relocate the entire thing over there and use only one domain.  Or I’d setup that domain as a simple redirect that would automatically push people here.

Something that plays into the relationship between that domain and this one, and that site and this one, is the content here.  Quite a bit of it is personal.  Although I doubt I’d be too concerned about most of that, some of it doesn’t strike me as the kind of stuff I’d want associated with my name should I get published.  It’s not that it’s embarrassing or TMI; it’s just that it’s personal to a degree I might not feel appropriate for sharing at that level.  At present, the pseudonymous nature of this blog gives me much wiggle room.  That would be taken away once I relaunch a site linked directly to my real, full name, one that can be found in local bookstores and libraries and online literary venues.

Without making a decision on the site-to-site relationship between xenogere and the other domain, it might be prudent for me to go through this site and remove any posts which I think cross that line.  It’s entirely subjective, you see, and that means only a few or a great many could wind up caught in that net.  This process will likely take place regardless of where the blog ultimately resides, or even if I choose to maintain two separate blogs (and that seems terribly unlikely).

On the topic of two blogs, I doubt I’d go that route.  It’s too tedious and too problematic.  I see no reason to do so… unless I’m missing some major considerations.  I doubt any readership would be offended by my continual dabbling in photography, with photos and tales of the cats, or in seeing expressions of personal ideas, politics, religion, etc., at least to some degree.  That means keeping two blogs is definitely at the bottom of the list of possibilities—but it’s not off the list entirely.

No matter how it works out, I will need to make available all the information necessary for public consumption, such as biographical information, bibliography, and so on.  Unless I isolate the blog from the main site, that information will have to augment, supplement, or replace what’s here.  Not that what’s here is untrue, mind you, but it is filtered to protect my privacy—something I did while in the professional world.

And that brings me to some of the things I might remove.  While I have no intention of going back in the closet, I do realize my flippant discussion of my sexuality could be a detriment to having a larger audience.  So too could my anti-religious tirades, my general snooty arrogance, and several other things normally found ’round these parts.  Should they be removed?  Tempered?  Kept in a separate blog not associated with my name?  Or something else entirely?

Then again, I’m of the mind that anyone taking offense at those things would not particularly be at the top of my list of people to satisfy.  Yet that doesn’t mean I don’t need to be mindful of it.  Or does it?

Likewise, some of the experimental writings here would be removed to protect them in case they wound up being published in the future.  Shooting my income potential in the foot by having all of that stuff available here while asking folks to pay for it in the real world seems… well… it just seems counterproductive, if not a bit daft.

Oh, I’m fatigued just thinking about it.

An aspect of all of this worth noting is that even the most express schedule I can think of for getting Dreamdarkers published makes all of this something that won’t cross my plate for another six months (assuming the book would be on store shelves in a year or so).  But it’s still worth pondering, yes?

I thought so.

Needless to say, the entire concept is much bigger than what I’ve written here.  It goes deeper, gets more complicated, and requires far more thought and energy than I’ve expended thus far.  I simply thought it prudent to begin thinking about these things, wondering about the path I would need to take—or would decide to take.

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