Grendel knows a good thing when he finds it, and a major snooze is always a good thing in his eyes.  I happened upon him crashing big-time in the bedroom today.  Little does he know that we’re in for some major winter temperatures starting this weekend, and we even have a distinct possibility of wintry precipitation.  That’s nothing new in Texas by any stretch of the imagination.  What will be shocking for poor Grendel is that we’re predicted to get the coldest temperatures ’round these parts since… well, the coldest temperatures in years—or so they’re sayin’.  That’s a nice change considering how warm it’s been and how much I love cold weather.  Grendel, on the other hand, prefers to stay warm, hence his tremendous affection for the bed and sleeping under the covers.  Still, it’ll be nice to enjoy some real winter weather compared to the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve had so far.

Grendel sleeping soundly in the cat bed (159_5929)

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