A preemptive 2008 statement

Oh, I’m gonna step in it here.  I put on my galoshes just in case.

I’m not going to delve into politics too much, but I’m going to make a few things clear.

I will not vote for John Edwards.  His anti-gay stance is enough for me.

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton.  Her anti-gay stance is enough for me.

Barack Obama is an interesting candidate, but he has much to prove, much to show, and much to learn before being a serious contender—and certainly before receiving serious consideration from me.

Can things change in the next two years (minus a few months)?  Sure.  Clinton and Edwards could do a dramatic, public, and sincere turnaround on gay marriage and equal rights.  Shrillary could stop being such an unlikable twit all the time.  John Boy could stop the incessant, pedantic screeching and bothersome flip-flopping on important issues.  Both could act like serious potential leaders rather than whiny brats in a schoolyard trying to bully others.

But that’s just an early impression.  There are other candidates from other parties, and the entire landscape will change before November 2008.  Basically, I felt it necessary to speak up now on this so I can point and laugh at myself later when I completely change my mind.  ‘Cause that’s how I swing.

And let me finish with this: I don’t like politicians, or at least the vast majority of them.  Don’t take me picking on Hillary and John as something personal or related only to them.  I’ll find something about Barack to dislike—or lots of somethings.  And I don’t even know all the candidates who have already tossed their hats into the ring.  I only picked on Clinton and Edwards because I’ve seen their names out and about so much lately and because I already disliked both of them for their inability to support equality under the law.

Besides, it always comes down to the lesser of all evils, so one of them could bubble to the top of the list as the most-likable unlikable person.  Or something like that.

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