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Another reason not to buy Windows Vista: Microsoft has built in functionality that allows them to remotely deactivate any installation for any reason.  And one need not take a giant leap to wonder precisely what else they can do remotely if they can go that far.  This new find is in addition to the other items I already mentioned.

I’m thrilled to see this.  “LONG BEACH, Calif. — State coastal regulators voted Wednesday to impose restrictions on the U.S. Navy’s use of sonar, which has been linked to harmful effects on whales and other marine mammals.”

This is one student who definitely doesn’t deserve a passing grade.  “A college student who mistakenly submitted a compact disc loaded with child pornography images to his professor last week is now facing felony kiddie porn possession charges. [. . .] The Bristol Community College student was to submit his computer information systems final examination on compact disc last week. But instead of submitting the class work, Erickson allegedly handed in a disc that contained images of children as young as 7-years-old in sexually explicit situations. The disc, according to police reports, listed each youth by age, ranging from 7 to 14.”  Disgusting and dumb.

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