Heavy drinker

Grendel has no problem sharing my glass of water.  In fact, none of them have a problem with it.  That’s why I no longer fill the glass.  What you see in this photo is about as much water as I’ll put in a glass.  Because some of the cats drink against the opposite side of the container, a full glass lends itself to them making a mess by splashing water out the other side—and onto anything in the vicinity.

Grendel drinking water from my glass (166_6632)

An entertaining note on this: Grendel also tends to stick his nose in the water before he drinks.  He literally touches his face to the surface, almost as if trying to determine if it’s palatable and how far he has to lean in to get to it.  Then again, he also tends to reach in with his paw, scoop up a bit, and lick it off.

Now that I think about it, they all have weird little habits when drinking my water.  My gosh, the house if full of freaks!

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