Another twofer special

Since I’m offering twofer deals for Tuesday, here’s another one for you.

These little marauders scared the bejesus out of me the other night.  I stood quietly on the patio lost in thought, basically letting my worries be carried away on the breeze, and suddenly these little bandits rushed right up to the fence where I was standing.  I moved quietly to get the camera turned on and aimed (quite difficult in the dark, I might add).  In the meantime, they rummaged and foraged about.  The moment the flash went off, however, they turned and scampered around the corner as though I had struck them both.

Some of the local raccoons don’t worry about me.  I don’t mess with them and they don’t mess with me, although I do beat a hasty retreat if they choose to climb the fence onto the patio.  Otherwise, they show some curiosity and will check me out in their own ways, and I in my ways will watch them with the utter fascination of a child.

These two, on the other hand, are obviously new in the neighborhood and had no idea what hit them when the area lit up like a lightning strike.  It was somewhat funny to see them turn tail and run like that.  Telling them it was only light and wouldn’t hurt them didn’t seem to help.

Two raccoons (Procyon lotor) foraging near the patio fence (150_5011)

[two raccoons (Procyon lotor)]

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