It’s been rough for those folks

The poor meteorologists.  They’ve been having a rough time with that whole weather forecasting thing these last several days, and their woes appear to be ongoing.

Prediction: We were supposed to be well above freezing today.

Reality: It’s still only 29° F (-2° C).

Prediction: It was supposed to be partly cloudy today.

Reality: It’s fully overcast and we have snow flurries and light sleet and freezing rain.

Prediction: Tomorrow we were to hit 43° F (6° C).

New prediction: Our high will be 32° F (0° C) at midnight tonight with the temperature falling throughout the day tomorrow.

Prediction: Tomorrow we were to have a bit of sunshine with a few rain showers scattered about.

New prediction: Overcast with snow and/or sleet.

Prediction: Our temperatures were to slowly rise all week long until we hit an almost balmy 50° F (10° C) by Saturday.

New prediction: Lows below freezing and highs around or barely above freezing through at least Friday.

Prediction: We’d have a small chance of light showers on Wednesday, and then a small chance of a few showers on Sunday.

New prediction: Rain and wintry precipitation covers every day this week (e.g., snow and/or sleet tomorrow, freezing rain on Thursday, and a wintry mix on Friday… so far).  Sunshine?  Nope.

Honestly, I feel for the weather lads and lasses.  Things don’t seem to be going their way at all.

As for me, I’ll know what to expect from the weather when I stick my nose out the door and look for myself.  The seers of things atmospheric have really not been accurate at all for some time, so I’m now past the point of thinking they might get it right.  But it’s not their fault.  The climate has become too unpredictable, and that on top of Texas’ normal weather chaos.  At this point, I think they’re flying blind and trying desperately to figure it all out.

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